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A Need for More Reliable Information...

Studies show that yesterday's routine hiring techniques are not sufficient to reduce the risk of hiring non-performing employees. Consider, for example, the real value of information obtained through interviews and past employment, education, and reference checking. These sources provide a limited picture of the person, but they do not reveal how a job applicant will fit a particular job. To avoid costly hiring or placement errors, an employer must go below the surface to see the Total Person. Only then will they be able to consistently determine if a candidate is or is not a real match for the job.

Our Assessment Systems Can Help You

Hire Winners!
  • Reduce Costly Employment Turnover

  • Duplicate Your Productive People

  • Provide Hiring Continuity Among Departments or Branches

  • Identify Career Path Potential for New or Existing People

  • Identify Individual and Group Training Needs

"Have you ever hired someone that did not live up to your expectations?"

"No one hires a low or non-performing employee deliberately."


Providing Employers with advanced assessment
technologies for use in hiring or in the job
placement decision-making process.